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Schools are closed and likely to be closed for a significant amount of time. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in, for the unforeseeable future, the need for home schooling for all families.

Your child may be continuing his or her schooling on-line and you want to help make that effort more productive.  You are probably worried about this dramatic disruption in your child’s education. Most parents are not formally trained teachers and likely uncomfortable in that role.

Your child could emerge from the shelter-in-place reality with an enhanced capacity to catch up with where he or she needs to be in the formal school timeline. Becoming a better learner is not a small accomplishment.  Helping your child be a more efficient and productive learner will have life-long consequences.

This on-line course will help you achieve a more complete understanding of human learning and provide some common sense ways that you can help your child be a more efficient and productive learner.

Anyone can access this course without a username and password. LOG IN AS A GUEST.  However if you would like to be registered in the course and thereby involved in two way discussions please send an email to joe@powsci.org to be registered.

Dr. Joe Lounge, Educational Psychologist